Pumping solutions for every application

With VooDoo Energy Services, your oil & gas operation can utilize a complete range of specialty pumping and fluid hauling services to keep your wells running efficiently.

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Pumping Versatility & Innovation

VooDoo Energy Services has 30+ specialty pumping units and other equipment customized to fit various defensive frac, pump down, toe prep, acidizing and other applications. We deliver fit-for-purpose, customized equipment for your job. This is critical because the wrong equipment for your application can cost you more money and result is significant delays on the wellsite and even damage your well!


Largest Specialty Pumping Fleet In Haynesville Shale


Most Diversified Specialty Pumping Fleet In Texas / Louisiana


Years Providing Pumping Services On High Pressure Haynesville & Eagle Ford

Defensive Frac

Mitigate the negative effects on legacy wells and improve the effectiveness of new wells.

Pump Down / Toe Prep

You can complete your horizontal wells with our Pump Down services.

Fluid Hauling

Our expansive fleet has the capacity to carry fluids 24/7 for your operation.


Use acid treatments to improve the productivity of your wells.

Our Service Area

  • Haynesville Shale
  • Eagle Ford Shale
  • Permian Basin
  • Mid Continent


VooDoo Energy Services is a premium provider of specialty pumping services for completions and production activities. Headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana, VooDoo services most of Haynesville Shale's largest E&P operators and also operates throughout the Eagle Ford Shale, TX/NM Permian Basin, and the Mid-Continent. We offer fit-for-purpose pumping units and equipment to meet customer needs in a variety of pumping applications.

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